About SuperOva
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About SuperOva

By 2010, the Ethiopian nation was undergoing a rapid internal expansion and an
increasing population. A new company called SuperOva Agrotech, PLC, was formed to
solve the growing food security problem, by tying together all phases of  agribusiness seen in more developed nations.

SuperOva's mission would utilize newer, efficient, and productive technologies -- combined with modern policies, measurements, branding, and distribution -- to
 produce quality poultry products at a scale&quality never-before seen in Ethiopia.
 Moreover, the company envisioned that local management would be trained through
 hands-on wide experience to confidently control an ever-growing production
capability and capacity.

Originally, SuperOva focused on the production of chicken eggs. The market response
has been so positive that the company has been continuously expanding to mastery of larger-scale poultry inputs and outputs.

To facilitate that mastery, SuperOva's high-level of management pays a great
attention to biosecurity, veterinary, skills-building, and advanced job