By 2010, the Ethiopian nation was undergoing a rapid internal expansion.  The population was increasing, and government wisely responded with plans for vast new infrastructure.

A new company called TodayTomorrow Ventures ("TTV") was formed to facilitate this new development, as well as make use of it to support the markets created in its wake. TTV has been accumulating deep hands-on experience in agriculture, buildings construction, manufacturing, marketing, administration, international business procedures, etc., ... a wide range of skills useful for supporting a population of over 100 million people with great potential.

In a few short years, TTV methodically established its underlying companies, farms, and factories. Our accumulation of experiences across different market sectors has been critical to our successful rolling out the new businesses.

We noticed that subtle improvements in Ethiopian chicken farming yields was not keeping up with the population growth. In particular, Ethiopia's per capita consumption averaged ~1 egg per week. Subtle improvements in chicken farming techniques were seemingly countered by the demands of an increasing population.

TTV had a vision to jump a quantum leap ahead in chicken egg production through modern farming methods, much as we have accomplished through our modern herb and vegetable farms.

Meanwhile, Israeli chicken expert Ophir Levy and his company Levia Group had engineered numerous livestock farms around the world. TTV and Levia put our heads together, and SuperOva was "hatched"!

SuperOva today

The SuperOva layers farm was established near the large city of Hawassa, 300 km south of the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa. The Hawassa area was chosen because TTV already operates farmland (Green Mark Herbs) and has established deep community relations.

Technical reasons relating to chicken farming were other factors influencing the choice of SuperOva’s operations site. Electric power availability, safe water supply access, land topography, and transportation, are among the myriad of influences of our decision.

Our facilities use modern layer egg equipment, some custom-made to meet our exacting requirements. Much thought is given to food security, an extremely important consideration when dealing with large flocks. Our automation and monitoring methods are carefully designed to maximize healthy egg production, while minimizing the chance of any kind of breakdown.

Note: The SuperOva production facility is a secure area, to prevent the spread of disease. All visitors to the layer house must undergo a disinfection process using a mildly corrosive liquid. This step is not required from our customers, because we transport the eggs from our secure facility to a separate customer area, and from the customer area our eggs are delivered to customers.

SUPEROVA going Forward

We see great opportunities working with our suppliers and related businesses in Ethiopia. We plan to grow through ever-encompassing expansion along the most fruitful of the many dimensions of agribusiness. On the larger scale, we plan to be a sustainable efficient business solution that will feed a huge continent.

With more agribusiness opportunities in the SuperOva pipeline, we are poised for growth. Serious investors are invited to inquire.