Eggs are our passion

SuperOva AgroTech is located in the Southern region of Ethiopia, near the beautiful planned city of Hawassa. Our facilities use the latest in modern pullet layers farming techniques to produce the highest quality brown eggs. Our goal is to market a sustainable healthy food source to all people in our community.

Here at SuperOva, eggs are our passion. We strive to produce the highest quality eggs in the most efficient manner. We do this by combining technology with our knowledge of layers management. Our technology includes specially-designed layer houses with automated lighting, heating, ventilation, water, feed, and collection systems. Our management includes experienced administrators, skillful supply chain management, multiple monitoring systems, and thoughtful food security respect. Our supply chain must meet our exacting standards.  The combination of all these factors enables us to produce the freshest and highest quality eggs.


The organization, people, and mission of SuperOva.

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